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Turkey is a member of the European Union. This means that the country has a relatively stable economy, it’s developed, and the quality of life is higher than in some Eastern European countries. But at the same time, Turkey is different than other European countries, even from those that are in the East of Europe.

This difference can be explained by culture. Turkey has a vibrant history; you can read different stories, legends, and facts about the country, and you will enjoy them. Even though Turkey is a lot more liberal than in the best, some specific rules or traditions still have a substantial impact on Turkish girls.

Turkish Brides – What You Need To Know

A lot of men feel attracted to Turkish women, and it’s easy to understand why. They are exotically gorgeous. Due to historical events, the nation has mixed genes, and it positively affected them. Indeed, the Turkish people are lovely. And as it was mentioned above, they value traditions. Women are family-oriented, caring, and loving; they are exceptional cooks – we can continue the list of advantages all day long.

Before choosing to date with Turkish women, you need to know about Turkish “do’s and don’ts” so you won’t look like a fool in her eyes. You should read some tips to avoid misunderstandings because you don’t want her to think that you don’t respect her. Some tips will also help you to gain a more unobstructed view of the Turkish lady’s needs.

Turkish Brides

They Love To Spoil Men

In a positive way, of course. It means that she will be very caring and affectionate, but only if you win her heart and you start dating. Cooking a traditional meal? She will do that! Preparing the most fantastic coffee, you have ever tasted? Easily. She will show affection by hugging and kissing you. Though she might be less affectionate in public.

There are exceptions as well, especially in the countryside. It is believed that a good Turkish woman has to be shy and respectful. But in new parts of Turkey, you won’t feel the difference since people are much more free to show their emotions. So be prepared for the best romance tale in your life.

Hook-ups Are Strongly Frowned Upon

Even though Turkish people are more open-minded these days than they were in the past, but certain things are still considered to be forbidden. Even in the most modern parts of Turkey, you won’t be able to find a hook-up. Having sex before marriage is not such a huge problem, but only if you are seriously dating and planning to get married. If you won’t marry, still, it’s not such a problem. But hook-up is not an option.

In some parts of Turkey (mostly in rural regions) arranged marriages are still a tradition. Parents choose who their daughters should marry. But most of the country thinks that such culture should be left in the past. But again, parents will be checking you very carefully. If they feel that your intentions are not so serious, they might convince their daughter to break up with you. So, don’t look for hookups here.

Jealousy Is Not a Beast

While in most countries, envy is considered to be a problem, in Turkey, it’s another way to say “I love you.” We are used to thinking that jealousy is not a good feeling since it’s destructive and you don’t possess your significant other, etc. But Turkish men and women believe that it’s just another sign of affection.

Think about this situation this way – if you don’t love a person, you won’t care with whom he or she is spending time. But if you do like this person, you will be worried that you might lose him or her to someone else. This might be a bit illogical because if you love someone, you trust this person, but it’s ordinary in Turkey, and you have to adjust your behavior.

Try not to provoke your beloved. You still can have female friends and spend time with them, but be very careful. You always need to highlight the fact that you love your Turkish girlfriend, she is the one, and the only, and meeting her is the third best thing in your life – getting married and having kids with her are first- and second-best things in life accordingly. Exaggeration? Perhaps, but hopefully, you got the point – don’t make her jealous.

Treat Her Like a Princess

If you are trying to find Turkish women for marriage, you need to understand one crucial thing – men in Turkey are brought up with the thought that women have to be valued. This means that your potential Turkish bride got used to such attitude from local men. You have to respect her and her values. Be very kind and loving, show your affection, make her feel as if she is the center of your attention, etc. Be romantic, and you will win her heart.

Valuing Family Is No Joke

As it was mentioned above, parents take a good look at whom their daughter is dating currently. And it’s essential for her that her family likes you because family bonds are powerful in Turkey. What does that mean for you? After winning the heart of your Turkish beauty, you will have to win the hearts of her family members. Well, at least win the hearts of her mother and father. The best way to do that is to prove that your intentions are serious.

Turkish brides

Dating Turkish Women Online

We won’t be evident by saying that Turkish brides live in Turkey – you already know that. Instead, you will find out more about such a right approach as Turkish mail order brides. The core idea of such an approach is borrowed from marriage agencies. People who are using such services ask marriage agents to find the potential candidates.

Mail-order bride is even simpler – you don’t have to attend an agency, you can find your bride by using a phone or PC. All you need to do is to pick a reliable dating online platform, create an account, and adjust filters in a search tool. Beware, you will have to complete a very long quiz with questions like “Who do you consider to be your perfect match,” “What behavior you won’t tolerate,” etc. Issues are different; they depend on the website.

Here are some websites where you can find your perfect Turkish match:


You need to make sure that you indicate that your potential bride has to be from Turkey because these websites are used by men and women from all corners of the world. Then you can use the search tool and choose one of the recommended candidates. It’s comfortable since you don’t have to waste time. All women here believe in love and want to create a strong romantic bond that can be transformed into a marriage in the future. You can find your love really quickly.

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