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Sometimes we get disappointed while dating someone belonging to the same nationality or race. It’s widespread when men or women see a movie or TV-series where a foreign actor or actress is so attractive that you fall in love with the whole nation. If you can’t think about anyone else but only about the representative of this nation, you just have to meet this person. Of course, not the actor or actress, but only someone belonging to this nationality.

In this article, you will find out where you can find Norwegian brides. Most men don’t understand that each nationality has its peculiarities, and women in Norway might want something different than women from your native country. People from all corners of the world have similar feelings – we all are humans.

But still, you need a different approach rather than the one you had been using to meet local single women. Here you will find out more about Norwegian women so that you can adjust your approach, especially if you are looking for a woman to marry.

Norwegian mail order bride

Norwegian Women Are Hard To Get

They don’t play hard to get, if you do something that they consider to be rude, they can give you a cold shower. There are countries where the status of a foreign man can be beneficial, well, Norway is not on the list. Even though women here look like angels with blond hair and light eyes, they can quickly turn into devils if you do something wrong.

Underestimating them is the one thing that you can do wrong. They are not just beautiful, they are also intelligent, and they are undoubtedly aware of the fact that they are attractive. So, don’t be too arrogant, such behavior won’t lead you anywhere right. Be friendly and polite, appreciate their independence, and you will have a chance to win the heart of Scandinavian beauty.

Cold Beauty – Hot Heart

Norwegian girls are known to have light hair and green, blue or gray eyes. They are known to have full lips, thin noses, they have great bodies, and overall they are simply gorgeous. Sometimes the dye their hair so that it is lighter. They look like angels, but it’s only the first impression.

Either it’s due to the climate or some other peculiarities of the nation, Scandinavian women are not so soft as you would think. It’s a common mistake to underestimate the personality of a hot Norwegian woman. They have warm hearts and prefer men to act like men. At the same time, they love it when men appreciate them, so it can be a bit hard to find the right approach. Make sure that you can make decisions on your own, but don’t forget about her feelings. Yes, it’s complicated.

Norwegian Women Tell What They Think

Norwegian woman

Of course, there are exceptions, but most of the time, you will know what you did wrong. Yes, it’s common for every man at some points of their relationships to feel like they did something wrong. Well, while dating a Scandinavian lady, you will know precisely what is wrong – she won’t hesitate to tell you.

This also means that if she thinks that you are attractive, she won’t hesitate to flirt with you. She will be very straightforward. But of course, don’t forget to be a man, we mentioned that in the previous tip. Take the initiative; if you see that she likes you, make a move. This approach works if you are looking for Norwegian brides online on one of the online dating services. If she is answering your messages, most likely she thinks you are worth her time. So don’t hesitate.

It’s Not Easy to Impress Her

Norway is an economically advanced country. Read: Norwegian people are amongst those ten happiest nations in the world. So, your approach has to include this peculiarity. Buying presents is not an option, as well as being unrespectful. One of the best ways is to be natural, but at the same time, you have to put effort into your relationships even if you are not yet dating.

The worst idea is playing the role of someone who you are not. You have to understand that Norwegian women like men who are independent, who are masculine. But if you are not a “macho man” it’s completely OK. You simply have to be able to make decisions, but if you are in a relationship with a Scandinavian woman, you have to make decisions that fit her needs. Yes, as it was mentioned above, it can be difficult.

But in fact, it’s not that heard. You need to get to know her step by step when you are aware of her preferences; you can impress her. If she loves dancing, find out more about the dancing style she prefers and impress her with your skills. If she likes seafood, then make sure you find out more about her favorite restaurants so you can invite her for a romantic meal.

Where to Meet Norwegian Brides Online

Okay, we won’t be too obvious and won’t tell you to buy a ticket to Oslo. Instead, we will notify you about a different approach – Norwegian mail order brides. You register on a dating website that is dedicated to marriages. It doesn’t mean that you have to arrange a wedding, no, it’s not the case. You just have to pick someone due to your unique criteria and start dating her online, that’s it.

If marrying a Norwegian woman is your dream, then such an approach will fit your needs. Why? As it was mentioned, it’s not easy to impress a Scandinavian beauty. But on such dating sites they are looking for foreign men. So, you can use it to your benefit. Here are some reliable places where you can meet your princess:


These sites will help you to find a perfect bride for you. You can start dating online and if you like each other, arrange a real date. With such services as mentioned above, you are destined to meet your Norwegian bride very soon.