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In recent years, the number of people actively using mail bride services has increased dramatically, with a considerable amount of new Moldovan mail order brides registering their profiles to find Western European and American men. The reasons for such an increase of Moldovan women for marriage vary from a girl to girl, but the general trend is that Moldovan men do not satisfy all the needs of these ladies, being unambitious and sometimes too keen on drinking. One way or another, while just a couple of years ago single Western men could not show Moldova on the map, this country is now a mecca for everyone looking to find beautiful Eastern European brides.

Features of Moldovan Women

It is important to take note that every single of Moldovan girls is unique and does not necessarily share all the characteristics laid out below, but the following is a collective portrait of what Moldovan girls are on average.

Moldovan girls are intelligent and independent

In addition to the previous statement, it will also be fair to say that Moldovan women can keep their men entertained not only with the endless celebrations they organize but also with a deep, meaningful conversation. They are known to be incredibly smart and well-rounded, so you can expect these beautiful ladies to be able to discuss pretty much any topic.

moldovan brides

Just like in any other Eastern European country, it is not a rare occasion for girls to receive equally as excellent education as males do. Almost all women of Moldova have some sort of higher education diploma, that being either a college or a university degree. This is explained by the Moldovan girls’ desire for independence. They want to prove their self-worth and show everyone around themselves what they are capable of. They learn what it means to be self-made by embracing challenging careers, as they prefer to not rely on anyone when it comes to finances. That is why these ladies do not normally rush into marriage and like to get married a bit later in life when they already have personal social and financial stability.


However, despite being very keen on their careers, Moldovan girls are brought up in an environment where family traditions are of the supreme value. In all of their life decisions, they are usually directed by the family principles as they believe family is one of the most important things in life. Although they are very independent by nature and believe in gender equality, they also do not mind allowing their men to have the leading role within a family if this is what is best for its members.

Furthermore, for many women of Moldova, their mothers are their most influential role models. From a very young age, these girls are taught how to be perfect spouses to their men and how to keep their family nurtured, fostered and happy. For this reason, Moldovan brides make amazing wives and mothers.


It does not matter whether you have known your Moldovan bride for a while or have only met her, it is a national peculiarity how hospitable these ladies are. In Moldova, people treat their guests with respect and eagerly welcome them in their homes.

Incredibly Pretty

Enough being said about their personality traits, it would be just barbaric not to mention how astonishingly beautiful these ladies are. Just like any other country in Eastern Europe, Moldova can boast its stunning girls that would make you wonder why you have not decided to date one earlier. However, there is something more to women of Moldova than the usual image of a Slav girl. Unlike their Russian counterparts, Moldovan ladies are actually a mixture of Slav and Latin, and best believe, they take the best from two worlds:

  • Moldovan women tend to have a very healthy diet. Therefore they are mostly slim (there are pretty much no overweight women in this country).
  • Sport is a big deal in Moldova, which makes Moldovan girls very toned and athletic.
  • Their complexion is darker than that of an average Slav girl. They usually have beautiful olive tone skin.
  • Women often have dark brown eyes and dark hair, although you can still come across some blonde ladies (usually those have Ukrainian roots).
  • They have typical for the Eastern Europe high cheekbones.

Moreover, these ladies definitely take very good care of themselves. They love to look good and dress up occasionally.

Another important thing to comment on is grooming. It is a big trend in Moldova as a lot of women, if not everyone, they draw a connection between being well-groomed and feeling more confident in your own skin, which subsequently boosts your self-esteem.

Moldovan Mail Order Brides

Where to Look for Moldovan Mail Order Brides?

It has already been mentioned that the use of mail-order bride services has risen drastically among Moldovan women. The number of online dating profiles of ladies from Moldova has increased a lot in the last couple of years due to their popularity among foreign men. However, it does not mean you can simply go on an online dating site to find Moldovan women for marriage. Unfortunately, this is exactly the trap many fraudsters would like you to fall into in order to steal your money from you by faking being the woman of your dream. Therefore, it is vital for the quality of your online dating experience only to choose trustworthy platforms that have extensive protection system and can guarantee their members’ safety. This includes ensuring all the profiles registered on the site are legit and are not created with the sole purpose of scamming people who came here looking for love.

The following are a couple of online dating websites that are a hundred percent legit and will care deeply about your personal and financial safety while you are looking for your Moldovan bride.

Victoria Hearts

  • Offers its members thousands of high-quality profiles of beautiful Moldovan women to choose from.
  • Has a great design which makes it very easy to navigate.
  • Has a mobile app that allows you to communicate with the women of your choice more efficiently as you are not limited to only using the platform when close to your personal computer or laptop.

Love Swans

  • A reliable site that has proven to successfully connect men with their dream women for the last 5 years.
  • Has a large international pool of brides to communicate with, including beautiful Moldovan ladies.
  • Verification of female profiles is mandatory upon registration, which eliminates a lot of fakes and scammers, making the site a safe dating environment.


Moldovan girls are a great choice for you if you want a woman who would love you for what you are. These women are optimistic by nature, but they are also very realistic and practical, so the goals they set for themselves and the people around them are achievable and reasonable.

Moreover, they are great supporters and know well how much it means for people to have someone to hold their back. These women are caring, loving and extremely hospitable once you win over their hearts. Moreover, due to their unparalleled intelligence, you shall never be bored as your Moldovan bride will always be there to keep you a company and entertain you with an interesting conversation.

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