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Lithuanian brides seem to be practically everything any modern single man can ever dream of! Although they often can come across as reserved and somewhat distant, that is only because they do not like to overshare with people outside of their families. As soon as she feels like she can trust you, she will make sure you are surrounded by love and care. Lithuanian women know how to have things done, they are very realistic in their aspirations and they fight for their happiness. In this article, we talk about common traits Lithuanian women share, where to look for them online and some tips about how to make the most out of your time with them.

Lithuanian Brides

A lot of men from all over the world claim to want a bride from Eastern Europe because this part of the planet is famous for its gorgeous women. However, there are more than ten Eastern European countries, resulting in more than ten different nationalities that these ladies can have. The most obvious way will, of course, be going for the Russian or Ukrainian ladies, but ignoring all the other Eastern European beauties will be a horrible mistake to make. You should not forget about all the other girls, such as beautiful Lithuanian women.

Lithuanian Brides

Lithuanian Women Characteristics

Winning a Lithuanian Girl’s Heart Can be a Real Challenge

One of the most apparent features intrinsic to pretty much all Lithuanian women is that they are rather unexpressive. It is considered to be rude to show your real feelings in public or to the people you do not well, so these ladies know how to hold a straight face. They do not tend to be overly talkative, which is a habit a lot of other women are infamous for.

On the contrary, Lithuanian brides will never share any sensitive information with people they are not close with. They will also never discuss their personal issues with strangers, or, by that means, anyone who is not family. So you can be sure whatever is that information you trust her with will be safe. Overall, it is not easy to work out what is on Lithuanian woman’s mind. But it is definitely a rather fun trait. As their love for mysteries will always keep you wondering and will never leave you bored.

Lithuanian Women are Determined

While these ladies do not necessarily share their plans with the surroundings, it does not mean they do not have plenty of things they want to do in life. In fact, Lithuanian girls are certain about what they want to achieve from a very tender age. Moreover, they have it all mapped out with objectives and plan-Bs in case something goes a bit off the grid. They rarely take uncalculated risks and prefer to obtain their goals by hard work and not by relying on chance or some external circumstances. They are not shy to fight for what they believe they deserve. Lithuanian girls are very decisive, so remember that the next time you start the pointless ‘no you decide’ game when thinking about where to get dinner.

They are Smart and Sassy

What consequently comes out of all the aforementioned qualities, these women are incredibly smart and because of that rather sassy. Despite their natural taciturnity, they do know how to hold a conversation and keep their partner entertained at all times. This is partly because of their unparalleled education and great wit. All Lithuanian brides are extremely well-educated, and 90% speak at least one foreign language. More than half of the Lithuanian population speaks two or more languages. They are very open to other cultures and love learning new stuff about the world. This is, in some cases, one of the main reasons why these gorgeous women are looking for a foreign man.

Extremely Beautiful

Of course, when discussing the national traits of Lithuanian females, we cannot forget how beautiful Lithuanian women are:

  • They are slim and toned.
  • Usually, Lithuanian girls are on the taller side.
  • Most of the female population is blonde and blue-eyed.

How to Avoid Lithuanian Brides Scams?

A reasonable question that arises after reading through all the aforementioned characteristics is where does one look for Lithuanian mail order brides? Of course, there are plenty of websites where you can find Lithuanian women. However, it is important to remember that, unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there on the internet that try to rip you off and earn some money on your desire to find Lithuanian brides. To avoid such an unpleasant situation and curve all the fakes, you should only go on the sites that have proven to be trustworthy and care about their members’ well-being deeply. Good sites always have to safeguard their members and protect them from scammers by employing extensive moderation within the site. It is also reasonable for mail order bride services to have a small fee as that is how they ensure only real people with serious intentions of finding their love use their platform.

Reliable Sites to Meet Lithuanian Women

You can search for various sites on the internet, assessing their trustworthiness by looking through reviews, but if you do not feel like spending any extra time on that and want to start your communication with beautiful Lithuanian women immediately, you can hop on one of the following sites:

Match Truly

  • This website has powerful search engines and algorithms that allow you to customize your search down to the smallest things and couple up with the Lithuanian girls of your dreams.
  • Has a fraud-prevention team that keeps you protected from scammers at all times, so you can be focused on the process of looking for your love.
  • Offers translation services for additional payment in case your perfect lady is not fluent in English (this should not be a case, though, as Lithuanian women tend to be very good at foreign languages).

Lover Whirl

  • Features an extensive database of profiles of gorgeous Lithuanian single women.
  • Allows members to send their matches real-life gifts.
  • Has a transparent 128-bit SSL protected payment system.

Tips on Dating Lithuanian Women

If you are lucky enough to connect with one of these gorgeous ladies, you might want to know the following information to make your communication as successful as possible.

Be Respectful

Lithuanian brides are very proud and independent. They expect you to value and respect that. You should always treat a Lithuanian girl as someone equal to you. Never assume her to be inferior to you in any sense.

Be Punctual

Never Make Her Wait. By nature, Lithuanian girls are very punctual and love to plan their lives out. Therefore, do not keep her waiting, she is likely to have a busy schedule. Furthermore, keeping the promise is basic good manners.

Dress Nicely

Lithuanian girls care about their appearances and would like their men to dress accordingly.


It may sound like Lithuanian brides are rather difficult to court, but believe us, it is well worth it. These ladies will know exactly how to make you happy and turn you into the best version of yourself. They are great at managing things and make reliable partners who always assess the situation they are in realistically. They are very smart and hard-working, which, in combination with their perfect looks, makes them ideal wives. If that sounds like a woman of your dreams, do not waste any more time and go online and match with Lithuanian mail order brides. Do not forget about our tips, though!

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