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Iceland is the country of windy weather, cold summers, and severe winters. Sunray seems to be a real gift for local residents. According to this, people have formed a stereotype that Icelandic women are cold and apathetic like the climate they live on. However, it is absolutely wrong. Icelandic girls are like the sunny rays that exist for the whole year-round. They can love with passion endlessly. Don’t you believe in eternal love with Icelandic lady? Read this review to change your consideration.

Traits of Icelandic brides

Unique appearance

In most cases, Icelandic mail order brides are blondes with deep blue eyes. Their glance can make you fall in love. In comparing with other ladies, the average Icelandic woman is much larger than representatives of other nationalities. They have lush shapes. That is, a girl can have a beautiful, proportional figure, but with her, she will have a big “everything.” Icelandic women are really pretty, as they have good skin, strong hair, and a neat upturned nose, like Grace Kelly’s. The average Iceland girl is about 170 cm tall. They are strong, athletic, and well-fed. They have long, strong legs and often wide shoulders. Icelanders train on conscience.


Icelandic mail order brides are not talkative. They prefer to spend time with work or usage habits. Icelandic ladies are afraid of wasting time. This is such as “northness,” which is also noticeable in communication. Occasionally, it is a good trait. Many European ladies can spend hours talking on the telephone or messaging, while Icelandic women more prefer to act.


Iceland women are family-oriented. Married women love their children and husbands, most of all. They can spend a whole day with housework. Man is the director of the family. Traditionally, Icelandic families are peaceful and friendly.


Icelandic brides are well-known in the world as feministic. They have equal rights as men. Generally, it is a good trait, as it certainly shows they can protect themselves in order to establish justice. Only smart and well-educated women can act in such away.

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Why do Icelandic women are popular among foreign men?

Apart from all those traits below, Icelandic women are also popular for the next several reasons. First of all, Iceland is a really small country with a small number of citizens. There are cases when a girl can’t find a husband to get married to, as all young boys are her relatives. Young foreign men know about, such as population problems. That’s why they are not afraid of getting married on Icelandic mail order bride. Simultaneously, Icelandic girls are fond of foreign men. They are friendly with tourists. In most cases, Icelandic brides feel alone in their small country. Also, if you want to meet and marry Icelandic women, it is not necessary to learn a new language. Icelandic ladies are fluent in English. It will be not hard to maintain a conversation with them. Regarding this, Icelandic girls for women are well-educated, so they can talk about every theme you want. For example, fashion is an important part of their life. All Icelandic women are modern and have a good outfit. They are like a treasure in a desert.

The best online dating sites to meet Icelandic brides

icelandic girl

How to start searching for Icelandic bride, when a journey to Iceland can cost a lot of effort and expenses? There is a simple way – online dating platforms. Here are several well-known and perfect platforms, especially for you.

It is a premium Icelandic women dating platform with an international focus. Men and women from different countries are presented there with an opportunity to get acquainted and build a lasting and mature relationship. Powerful matching algorithms make CharmDate a place where you can get a perfect match without wasting time on communicating with members who don’t meet your dating criteria. People who believe in love across cultures, don’t consider a long-distance relationship as a problem and are confident in finding a soul mate online are gathered there.

It is a platform that has more than ten years of experience in international dating. During this time, several thousand members have found their partner, with many even starting families. Hundreds of single men and women join AnastasiaDate every day, so your chances to find a bride there are as good as anywhere else you would go, whether other online dating sites, local cultural activities or social clubs. Advanced means of communication such as instant messaging, video calls using a webcam, and the service of flower and gift delivery are available there. AnastasiaDate is available at any time of the day. The support team works 24/7 and is always ready to provide you with any assistance you need.

It is a fast and modern platform that can fully satisfy the needs of lonely hearts that are looking for love online. It is improving every day, striving for the best results. This platform will bring safety to your relationships. Reliable protection measures are designated to create a safe environment on So the only thing you need to worry about here is your feelings. Only friendly and polite professionals can join
support team. All of them are able to provide you with quick and complete answers to any questions, at any time of the day and night.

Why are women of Iceland good for marriage?

According to the thoughts of thousands of men of all over the world, Icelandic brides are really good for marriage. There are several reasons:

  • No restaurants. Icelandic ladies can cook even better then professional cookers. They can serve the table with delicious dishes as real professionals. Restaurants in Iceland are full of singles but empty with married couples.  The reason is that Icelandic lady can prepare the supper like in the restaurant.
  • Happy family. Despite all problems, Icelandic girl’s conduct as all is pretty good. They seem to be happy all the time. This positive attitude is born harmony and success in relationships. Common family entertainments and adventures are typical for Iceland families. Your life will be colorful without boring minutes.
  • No rest. Icelandic women seem to be busy all the time. But it is a good habit. They are always on time. It is a real dream to have, such as wife. Let’s your dreams come true with Icelandic mail order bride.


Icelandic woman for marriage is a great chance to fall in love for every single man. Don’t be afraid to open, such as astonishing, remarkable, and cute present for yourself. Use online dating platforms to immerse into the world of love and enjoy it!

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