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Germany is an amazing country. It is so modern, but at the same time, it has such a rich history. You can visit Germany and experience this combination yourself – a modern way of living, and beautiful architecture as in the past centuries. This combination is amazing and makes Germany so special.

When you visit the country, German people are very polite and kind, but at the same time, they definitely know how to have some fun. Beautiful German brides are always in the spotlights. They are very smart, they know what goals they want to achieve in life, and their stubbornness helps them to accomplish these tasks. And they are beautiful.

Traits of Lovely German Women

Some people (especially men) think that a traditional German beauty has blond hair, wide smile, and a really hot body. And they are right, but not entirely. German women are known for their cold beauty which makes them so special. If you prefer dating brunettes, you will certainly find them in Germany. But of course, you need to attract her attention, and it’s easy with our help.

In fact, there are some rules that you have to meet if you want to fit her needs. Below you will find several “do’s and don’ts” that will help you to win her heart.


Keep Your Word Or Die

Well, you don’t have to die, but keeping your word is a must. German girls love men who can keep their promises. In Germany, you simply have to be a man of honor.

Make sure to keep your promises, and a true happiness is guaranteed. Germans are very pragmatic and practical people, they plan their time and if they say that they have one or two hours free so you can see each other, then they will keep the promise no matter what.

Honesty Is a Virtue

Keep in mind that while dating German women, it’s important to be 100% honest. Your straightforward approach will be appreciated. Make sure you always follow what you’re saying because she will find out about what you said, it’s always like that.

It’s actually the best advice to couples from all corners of the world – talk about such stuff. How can she find out you prefer her not to interrupt you while you are still talking? Maybe she is so excited that she is finishing your sentences instead of you. It’s not a sign of disrespect, it might be a sign that she understands what you are talking about and she agrees with you.

Break the Ice to Repair Relations

A little refreshing cold is a peculiarity of a German single woman. German people are polite but a bit reserved with strangers. It’s okay because they simply want to play it safe with strangers. When they find out more about you, the ice will break, so be patient.

Show her that you are interested in her, be a gentleman, give her a chance to find more about your personality, etc. When you gain her trust, it’s possible to start building a romantic relationship.

Leave “Macho Man” in the Past

In this beautiful European country, women are treated equally to men. It’s the case in most societies, but Germany is special here. Women appreciate men being gentlemen, but they appreciate their independence even more. It means that household responsibilities, earning money, taking care of kids and other similar responsibilities will be split equally between both of you.

It’s OK if sometimes you want to pay the bills in a restaurant, but don’t be offended if next time she will decide to pay for bills. Chivalry is good but in moderate doses.

Sexy German Beauties Prefer Pragmatism

A practical approach is always welcomed in Germany. If you are looking for German brides for marriage, then make sure that your potential bride and you match. Because if you are a person who plans everything at the last minute, or if you always get late, you won’t match. German ladies value practical approach, they don’t like chaos, they prefer everything to be in order.

German Mail Order Bride

German Mail Order Brides Approach

Now you are aware of the characteristics of German women, and if you want to find a German bride, you have to start searching for your perfect lady. You can meet a hot German lady even in your city, but the chances are pretty low. But you can certainly find your love online! No, we are not talking about Tinder or even Facebook (some people are lucky there), we are talking about German mail order brides sites.

If you are asking yourself what is that, the answer is – it’s a simple dating website, but everyone is looking for serious relationships. So yes, it’s not Tinder. All you need to do is to create an account and add some requirements. By requirements we mean filters in the searching tool, for example, country, age, status (divorced, never married, etc.), hobbies, habits, etc.

Such services are pretty useful since you can find a woman who meets your tastes. You just need to add that you are looking for a German beauty, then you can add other parameters. Here is a list of reliable websites:


You can pick one of these sites and start looking for her. You won’t lose anything, not even time. If you are a very busy person, this approach can help you a lot. So, don’t waste your time, start dating online.

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