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Not as well-known and popular among the foreigners from the Western countries as their Ukrainian and Russian counterparts, they are indeed a hidden gem. Dating them might seem like a bit of a challenge initially, but the more you get to know them, the more you fall in love with their magnetic personalities. Hospitable and beautiful by nature, Georgian brides will capture your heart and would not let you take your eyes off them.

georgian mail order brides

Georgian Mail Order Brides

Mail order brides services are great for those who have some particular women in mind, say, beautiful Georgian women. Those are incredibly popular among the international dating community, but fairly unreachable for an average western man because of how far the Georgian region is. Therefore, if you dream of getting yourself a Georgian bride, mail order bride services are what you should seriously consider.

Appearance of Georgian Ladies

Although Georgian women do not really share the same features as other Slav girls, they are still extremely hot and beautiful.

  • Tall and slim;
  • Beautiful and expressive green or brown eyes;
  • Rich colored dark hair.

They do not have a strong feeling for expensive cosmetics but are very fond of beautiful jewelry. They value gold and other noble metals.

Features of Georgian Women

While every Georgian woman is unique and has her own peculiar features, the following is a collective portrait of an average lady you would meet had you traveled to Georgia.

They are Very Traditional

As a rule, children in Georgia are brought up in a very traditional environment. They are taught to respect traditional values, which plays a significant role in shaping them as individuals and outlining their subsequent characters. Even later in their lives, women from Georgia are extremely focused on following these rules. Georgia is a deeply patriarchal country, so a lot of Georgian women praise their men. They believe that it is their prime responsibility to support them and keep them satisfied. Gender roles are very defined: Georgian girls from a very young age take upon ‘feminine’ tasks such as maintaining the household and raising kids.

Apart from that, Georgian girls are mostly all religious: most Georgians belong to the Armenian Apostolic (8 percent), Russian Orthodox (10 percent) or Georgian Orthodox (65 percent) churches, which delineates a behavioral model they have to follow. Because of the religious dogmas, Georgian brides are mostly modest and humble and have to ‘maintain their virtue’ from a very young age. They care a lot about their dignity and do not welcome those who do not share their serious intentions in regards to relationship. It is not common for Georgian women to practice one night stands or short flings, they only advocate long-term loyalty and commitment that would eventually result in a marriage.

This, however, differs for the girls from Tbilisi and the large cities alike, as those are more progressive and are much less affected by the strict traditions of the more rural areas. They have a greater extent of freedom of choice. Hence they can make their own decisions based only on their personal,, not collective morale.

They are Very Hospitable

Nevertheless, no matter where your potential Georgian bride was brought up, they all are very hospitable and generally believe that every guest is a gift from God and therefore shall be treated with respect. This extends to both general attitude to foreigners visiting Georgia and the way Georgian mail order brides converse with their prospective partners. It is widespread for foreign men to have a cultural shock when they come to Georgia since they are not accustomed to such hospitality and do not expect to be getting invited to family meals. However, this is exactly how things are done in this country.

Furthermore, Georgian women, despite having a very strong working ethics, are also incredibly festive. They love celebrations and invest a lot, both financially and emotionally, into bringing happiness to their surroundings. It is commonly believed that worth is not valued by the amount of money one has in their bank account but by the number of friends around them.

They are Intelligent

Georgian women are generally very well-educated. Dating a Georgian woman will never be a bore because of how profoundly intuitive and interesting they are. They also take particular pride in being known for their artistic talents. English is usually not a problem for Georgian brides, especially among the younger generation of ladies residing in large cities.

Georgian mail order brides

Where to Look for Georgian brides?

You can try and go to Georgia to find yourself a Georgian bride, but it is strongly advised that you turn to online mail bride services instead. The reason for this is simple. While Georgia is, indeed, changing, the wind of changes still blows low. Georgian women are very careful about meeting men on the streets and would not trust a random foreigner approaching them without any prior communication. This is why you should turn your eyes to using various online dating platforms that can boast profiles of Georgian brides. The best sites for this purpose are the following.


  • An extensive database of Georgian women available for you to browse and communicate with;
  • Girls always active to respond to your messages;
  • Initial registration on the website is free of charge so you can look around and decide for yourself whether you would like to purchase additional services or not;
  • Advanced SSL protection.


  • Service has a manual verification process and through moderation, which reduces the chance of scammers and fakes polluting the dating environment greatly;
  • A quick and powerful search engine helps to match couples efficiently;
  • A large set of filters that customizes the search process and allows to find a Georgian bride well-suited.


From the first sight, it may seem that Georgian women are rather difficult to date because of their extreme traditional upbringing and religiousness, but that is not true at all and shall not scare you off! Georgian mail order brides are exceptionally charming, admirable, respectful, hospitable and loving. After years of only dating Georgian men, they are excited to link up with someone with a fresh perspective. And that someone may be you! So do not waste your chance!

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