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There is no country that can boast of absolute gender equality thanks to brave women. In that time, Finland is one of the world leaders in gender equality. Equal rights of women and men in all spheres of life are enshrined in law. This was not always the case, however, Finnish ladies have gone from housewives to full members of society at breakneck speed.

Finnish Brides Peculiarities

finnish mail order brides


This is the most common trait of Finnish mail order brides. Women in Finland have protected their rights for a long period of time. Now, Finland is well-known for the gender equality of men and women. Finish women know how to protect themselves and recover their rights.

Nordic Beauty

Most of the people associate Scandinavian countries with cold and windy weather. However, in such as ugly weather you can find a lot of pretty shiny faces of Finnish brides. They have good and gorgeous genes. Finnish women have blonde luxurious hair, soft skin, and strong figure. Most of the free time, they take care of the skin. It is the most important part of their beauty.

Free Outfit

If you think that Finnish brides are like the models in clothes of the last trend, you are wrong. Actually, Finnish women are fond of fashion, but they prefer to wear comfortable and unique looks. Freedom and comfort are in the first place than fashion. Also, they are afraid of talking about fashion news or something like that.

Why Are Finnish Women Popular Among Men?

finnish brides

Undoubtedly, every man is fond of a woman, who has something unique and special. For instance, sense of humor, life views and so on. At that time, Finnish brides are fully independent. In this case, it is not about their rights. It is just about their status. Equality proclaimed in the country has changed Finnish society. The role of the guardian of the hearth is no longer the main thing in the life of a woman. Ladies confidently manage the country and business, make important decisions, and choose their own lifestyle.

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Foreign men said that the Finns are beautiful, stubborn, smart, sometimes tough, but at the same time free and real. It is difficult to start a conversation with them. However, due to the high level of education, the conversation develops deeper and more interesting than with representatives of other countries. It may be thought that men in Finland were pushed into the background. However, the impression is misleading. Calm, balanced Finns prefer to think, reflect, and make decisions together, in the process of discussion.  Only a tough guy, a real guy can live with a Finnish woman. The inhabitants of Finland managed to find a middle ground by creating a strong and fruitful union in which the energy of Finnish women coexists peacefully with the poise of men.

The Best Sites to Search for Finnish Brides

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Finnish Dating Culture

According to the information about Finnish beauties below, you may think, that it is hard to get acquainted with Finnish mail order bride. Be sure, it is not so hard. You should only prepare yourself a little bit.  Mostly, Finnish mail order brides want to meet men, who are similar to them in habits and lifestyles. First of all, you should be honest about your intentions and desires. Finnish women are afraid of liars.

They will reveal your real purposes as soon as it is only possible. Secondly, try to speak directly without riddles. If you want a girl for one night or for the whole life, tell her, she will certainly appreciate it. Also, Finnish brides don’t prefer to initiate the conversation. So, you should write to her first. Try to avoid messages of one word, like: “Hello”. Finnish bride will never answer in such a message. Try to be a gentleman and write a compliment or a joke to keep her happy. It is quite important to continue chatting all the time. The perfect choice is to write 2-3 times a day to show your serious intentions. Don’t hurry up with the first meeting. It will take time to visit her.

In the first meeting offer the woman an easy, non-burdensome option to meet. On a first date, you don’t need to test a woman’s climbing or swimming abilities. Of course, you can do whatever you want, but testing is disgusting. I think for you too. Walking along the beach, park, and coffee is a very good solution. If you have little money, you can offer coffee in a thermos. It is the original idea. They will certainly like it. Make sure the conversation progresses as you write messages.


Finnish brides are absolutely free, but simultaneously they know their duties and rights. You will spend a lot of time to pick up such as great lady, but it worth it. Finnish bride will turn upside down your life. Remember that stereotypes can be canceled, but love will exist till the end!

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