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Fiji is a country located 1,700 km from New Zealand and is washed by the Pacific Ocean. Consisting of more than 300 islands, it has only the third part of it populated. The area is known worldwide for its paradise beaches, perfectly clean and white sand. However, it’s very beautiful and exotic women that make this country so popular with tourists. Fijian women have bronze skin, beautiful black eyes, and long dark hair. They are very sociable and hospitable with foreigners because Fiji is a tourist resort, and foreigners are frequent guests here. Many men who see Fijian women in a national dress with flowers on their heads lose their heads in front of the incomparable beauty of local women. They want to have such a wife. But it is not only their physical appearance that makes local women so special and popular with the male population from all over the world. Let’s take a closer look at other features that make Fijian mail order brides stand out from the crowd.

What Qualities Do Hot Fijian Girls Have?

Fijian women have always been a “sweet” target for men from all over the world. Many of them lead to the country to meet their destiny there. Wondering why is it so? What makes local ladies so special?

Unique Appearance

A beautiful Fijian woman doesn’t look like anyone else. She is neither Asian, African, European, or Arab – local beauty is a mix of all the above. And since the country’s population is only 800 thousand people, half of which are men, each beautiful Fijian woman is a real gem for connoisseurs of female beauty. It is not surprising that every man who loves to show off his soulmate to others wants to see such a truly bright and unique beauty next to him.

Fijian Brides

Well Educated

Despite the fact that Fijian girls live on the islands, and it may seem that they have fewer opportunities to acquire quality education, we are ready to dispel this myth. Since this state was a British colony, it inherited most of the customs and habits of the colonialist. That’s why quality education is available in the country; what is more, it is open to the female part of the population.

On top of this, local women play a huge role in the development of the country. Many of them hold leadership positions and are even party leaders. Also, since this country is a top tourist venue, it is mainly women who deal with the tourism industry. However, their professional activities do not prevent local women from engaging in domestic life and raising children.

Okimi 31 y.o.
Erika 28 y.o.
Kiara 25 y.o.
Miyu 34 y.o.
Akira 24 y.o.

Loyal and Caring

Fijian wives are very faithful and caring. From childhood, they are taught to respect their husbands and do everything possible to ensure family happiness. Husbands and children are the most important thing for the Fijian wife. Therefore, each Fijian wife treats her role with understanding and pride. The situation was somehow different a couple of years ago when locals married brides without their consent. Decisions were made not by parents but by tribal leaders. And even then, the Fijian wife was an ideal wife.

They Are Open to Foreign Men

Having received permission to choose a man on their own, many beautiful local women began to consider foreigners not only as tourists but also as their potential husbands. Fijian women really value social status. For many Fijian women, foreigners seem more attractive and interesting than local men. Fijian women love to flirt with foreigners and win their attention. Also, many Fijian girls use dating sites to establish contact with foreigners. Sociable and sincere, with excellent knowledge of the English language, they create a comfort zone for communication with just anyone. You will not have any problems with starting a dialog with them and talking on any theme that might interest you.

Fijian Women

Why Are Fijian Women So Good for Marriage?

Hot Fijian girls drive men crazy. Their appearance is unique. Living on the edge of the world in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, these girls do not dream of a successful career. Instead, they want to build a strong and happy family. Excellent housewives, faithful to their husbands, are very caring mothers for children. Local ladies combine natural beauty and British education. They are very smart and purposeful girls. If she wants, a local bride can become the leader of political parties or the owner of the hotel. But in most cases, the beauty decides to become the best mom and wife, giving the husband the right for the family leadership. It is what men appreciate most in girls.

Why Are Fijian Women So Popular Among Foreign Men?

First of all, men look at girls as sexual objects, and hot Fijian girls will never remain without male attention. They always look good and skillfully flirt. Their national costumes add even more sensuality. Connoisseurs of female beauty come to this island from different parts of the world not just to sunbathe on the azure shores but to admire the local beauty and get acquainted with unique Fijian girls. Winning the heart of a Fijian woman is not easy. Despite the fact that they love to flirt, you need to surprise her. As the fame of hot Fijian girls spreads all over the world, more and more men experience their happiness when they come to Fiji.

Perfect Fijian Mail Order Brides

Fujian women are great for dating on a dating site. Of course, you can meet them when you come to “their” islands. But what to do if you have no opportunity to fly to Fiji? Feel free to use specialized dating platforms for this purpose and arrange a Fijian girl date.

Nowadays, a big part of the female population registers on dating sites, where they seek and communicate with people of the opposite sex. Fijian women have extensive experience in communication with foreigners, so they can easily find contact with anyone. Looking for a husband and long-lasting romantic relationships, the girls will immediately demonstrate all their best qualities so that the man understands that she is exactly what he was looking for. If you don’t know which dating sites local women use, here is a shortlist for you.


This Fijian dating site was created more than 25 years ago and has proven to be a solid platform, where many girls from Asia and other countries spend time on.


There are many girls from all over Asia and Oceania on this site. The platform is one of the most popular in the region. Asian Feels is your perfect match because you will find a lot of beautiful girls there. All of the users have serious intentions and are looking for a partner to create a family with.


It is another popular Fijian dating site that helps foreigners and Asians to match. There are also a lot of hot Fijian girls on this site. You are free to use the on-site search to filter out all the profiles and quickly find girls from Fiji.


To conclude our review, let’s refresh our memory and make a brief analysis of why Fijian mail order brides are so popular among men. Firstly, they are very beautiful and attractive. Local singles are erudite; however, it is extremely easy to establish contact with them. They are very open to foreigners and can easily find common ground with just anyone. They are very good mothers and faithful Fijian wives. And for most of them, a family is the most important thing. Men appreciate Fijian brides for these qualities and are ready to go far to find the perfect wife from Fiji.

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