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Estonian mail order brides may not seem like an obvious option for those men looking to find a woman for a couple online. However, this is a big mistake as Estonian women are smoking hot and beautiful as well as well-rounded and kind.

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At the same time, their bright heads are constantly generating ideas which not only propels them up the career ladder but also makes them an incredibly enjoyable company. They are good communicators and know how to keep the conversation going, so you shall never be bored and will always have someone to chat to.

Estonian Brides

Online mail order brides services are becoming increasingly more popular among singles from all around the globe. Progressive men worldwide value their time and realize it may be significantly more efficient to delegate the matchmaking process to the professionals instead of attempting to shoot your shots in the dark. First of all, all the trustworthy platforms allow you to connect with women carefully selected especially for you based on your preferences. This ensures that you and your potential bride have a fair amount of things in common to talk about and have similar views on life. This feature is what positively distinguishes the online dating experience from the traditional one: you do not waste any time on people you will end up totally incompatible with. Furthermore, online dating sites are very strict about their moderation policies, so you shall not worry about women’s intentions: all ladies there are serious about what they want from their time on the platform and are mostly marriage-oriented.

If you are looking to find a bride, you should consider signing up to an online dating service.

A pleasant bonus that those platforms provide is a large variety of profiles of girls from even the most remote locations in the world. Online dating websites have an international community where everyone can find someone special for themselves. You can go for a lady from literally any country, the only limit being our imagination and how adventurous you are. However, even if you are thrilled by the idea of dating an exotic woman, it is not at all necessary to look for a girl based as far from home as possible. Some of the most interesting girls are located much closer to the West than you think.

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estonian brides

Estonia is the northernmost and the smallest of the Baltic countries. It is bordered by Finland to the north, across the Gulf of Finland, and Latvia to the south. The eastern border, most of which runs through Lake Chudskoye, is shared with Russia. This sounds like a perfect place to hide the greatest and the most valuable Slavic gem — beautiful Estonian women. While their location may make you think that they are as cold as the place where they reside, you could not be more wrong! By their nature, Estonian brides are hot on the outside and warm on the inside. They are mainly known for their pretty looks and big kind hearts! However, these are by far not the only features Estonian women can boast.

Appearance of Hot Estonian Women

Estonian girls are very alluring in their appearances. I bet, after hearing about the whereabouts of Estonia, an image of a tall, blue-eyed blonde beauty has immediately popped up in your head. While you are not incredibly wrong, a fair amount of women in Estonia do look like that, there are also a lot of other women who have different visual characteristics. In general, however, Estonian mail order brides share the following look:

Blue Eyes

Estonia is famous for having the highest number of women with blue-colored eyes in the world. About 99% of ethnic Estonians have beautiful turquoise eyes.

Skinny Bodies

It is considered to be a national trend to live a healthy life, so a lot of hot Estonian women have a healthy diet. The beauty standard of the country is slim and toned, so the amount of larger women is small. Especially in Tallinn, the level of obesity is close to zero.

Smart-Casual Outfits

Because of the excellent living standards in Estonia, all women take good care of themselves. They love dressing up for an occasion, but even in everyday life, they look chick in their preferred smart-casual outfits.

Long Legs

Although there are definitely some petite Estonian women out there, the majority of females in Estonia have the height above the European average. In combination with their mesmerizingly long legs, they all look as if they were models.

Features of Estonian Mail Order Brides

 Estonian Mail Order Bride

It is important to mention that all ladies are different and for sure would have some unique traits, but the following are the features more or less common for Estonian girls nationwide.

Modern and Traditional at the Same Time

Estonian girls are a mix of conservative and feminist. Some part of them are very traditional in regards to what are the roles males and females should take up in the society: many Estonian brides believe that men should lead the marriage and be in charge of all decisions taken by a couple. This is the influence of their patriarchal Eastern roots that dictate that it is men who should be at the head of any family. Estonian women dating men from other countries expect them to resemble their local men in their willingness to take the responsibility of providing for the family.

Estonian brides, on the other hand, are happy to maintain the household by doing all the chores from doing the laundry to keeping the family fed. That being said, Estonian women are incredibly good cooks as in many houses the family recipes are passed on from generation to generation like some kind of treasure. In some sense, they are a treasure — the national cuisine is delicious, especially when the meals are prepared with love!

It is normal in Estonia to have two kids, so this is what expected from any marriage. Estonian ladies prioritize their families above anything. In addition to this, they are also very mobile. They are used to traveling, so if the situation calls and they see undeniable benefits of changing the location for their kin, they would do it without a lot of hesitation.

Moreover, as has previously been discussed, despite not minding to be the stay at home wives, they are still very big on having a career. Since absolutely all women have a complete secondary education, and most of them have a university degree, their desire for further self-actualization is understandable. Estonian brides are not only extremely pretty but also well-rounded and smart, so they want to utilize their skills for the betterment of their personal lives as well as contribute towards the well-being of the society. Many women tend to combine these activities, successfully embracing part-time or even full-time jobs.


Because of their unparalleled wit and intellect, Estonian girls are very talkative. They always know what to say to keep the conversation going, and never feel shy when it comes to contributing some ideas to a chat. You will never get bored if you manage to get an Estonian woman for marriage.

Kind and Positive

Girls from Estonia have incredibly large hearts and will never leave anyone in trouble. They are known for being very helpful and open to the world. They treat people with respect and believe they can make this world a better place.

The real question is, where does one connect with Estonian women? Considering how talkative and approachable they are, it should not be too challenging to come up to one in a bar for small talk. However, as discussed previously, a much more reliable and efficient way of establishing communication with an Estonian bride is going on the web to use one of the many online dating services.

Where to Find Estonian Women

estonian women

It should not be too difficult to find accounts of hot Estonian women on the web, yet men should still be extremely careful when using the Internet to connect with them. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for some low-rated online dating platforms to not pay enough attention to solving the problem of scammers. So those websites are flooded with fake accounts whose main goal is to milk as much money from singles as possible. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, it is obligatory for men to use only those sites that ensure their members’ safety. You may find them by looking at the reviews on the Internet. The list of reliable sites includes the following platforms:


  • A large international online dating platform with a lot of profiles of Estonian mail order brides for marriage.
  • A transparent payment system that protects you from any fraudulent activities.
  • An extensive and effective search tool that allows foreign men to find a bride based on their preferences and values in life.
  • Has a mobile app, which allows you always to be all caught up with your pretty Estonian match.


  • An online dating site that positions itself as an online dating platform for people over 40 years old worldwide, which allows those looking for a slightly more mature Estonian woman find their bride.
  • Has a lot of unique functions and features.
  • The team of CharmDate understands how important it is to maximize the couple’s compatibility, so the platform offers an extended search option to narrow down the search to specific criteria.

What is also important to remember that, despite Estonian girls being rather ‘Westernized,’ there are still some cultural peculiarities you have to remember to find a woman.

Estonian Women Dating

As mentioned earlier on in the article, Estonian women are more conservative than their western counterparts. They take relationships very seriously and do not like to rush things. For this reason, you should never push intimacy on Estonian women as this will likely scare them off of you. They will tell you when they are ready to take your relationship to the next step until that take baby steps and enjoy the romantic nature of your Estonian bride.

What Estonian women have a soft spot for is a good sense of humor. Men who know how to crack a joke are more likely to win an Estonian girl’s heart.

The easiest way to interest an Estonian girl is to talk about her culture and history. It is recommended, though, to avoid the topic of the USSR period. Those memories are not very pleasant to stir. Other than that, talking about interesting Estonian traditions and the years of its unusual history will definitely make your Estonian bride more lively and start a meaningful conversation.

Estonian women dating older men are not judged in Estonia. So it is entirely okay for men to be dating younger women without getting any weird looks.


Estonia may not exactly be an ideal touristic destination as, despite having a lot of beaches, it is still a rather cold country. Nevertheless, a man who decides to pay a visit to this Nordic land will not be disappointed, and most definitely will not have a single chance to get cold with all the hot Estonian women around. They are incredibly beautiful, mesmerizing because of both their looks and their unmatched intelligence. Estonian girls are very talkative with the people who find the right way to push their buttons. And while it might seem a little bit difficult to find a correct approach to these ladies, it is well worth it. You should test your luck and go on one of the online dating websites to connect with Estonian brides and possibly find that one special woman for marriage. Without a doubt, you will be charmed by them!

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