Ecuadorian Brides – Everything You Wanted To Know

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Ecuador is known not only for its export of bananas but also for beautiful Ecuadorian women. They are mature and ready for serious relationships from a young age.  Most women in this country have been brought up in the Christian religion. They respect a man and prefer him to be a leader in a family. Moreover, Ecuadorian wives are supportive in all areas of life and ready to help their husbands both at home and with business. It comes from the upbringing.  

Women raised in Ecuador are family-orientated, faithful and caring partners. It is therefore not surprising that many foreign men want to meet these beautiful ladies and marry them. If you are not a global seducer and aren’t interested in fast one-night stands, these women can be appealing to you. Read on to know more about these amazing ladies.

Ecuadorian Brides

Appearance And Character of Ecuadorian Women

How does an average Ecuadorian woman look like? Thousands of men describe them as sexy exotic beauties, which can charm men not only with their looks but also interesting personalities. Typical Ecuadorian woman has a well-shaped body, long dark hair, and glowing tanned skin. The appearance of Ecuadorians is the result of mixing different genes – European, Native American, and African. That’s why Ecuadorians beauty is so special and appealing.

What about clothes and fashion? This may disappoint you, but local ladies trade high heels and skirts for jeans and sneakers. They prefer a casual style of cloth for daily life and like to dress up only for occasions. Also, western gym culture hasn’t reached Ecuador, so don’t expect to see lots of flawless bodies, especially if you are going to meet a middle-aged woman.

Ecuadorian women generally are traditional, loyal, and positive. However, girls are polite, gentle, graceful and tend to please their partners. It doesn’t mean you can take these qualities for granted. You have to reciprocate that, be kind and well-mannered. Many travelers and bloggers describe Ecuadorians as not loud and boisterous, and even a little shy. The thing is family culture is developed in the country and girls are prepared to be good wives and mothers from childhood. Usually, Ecuadorian girls live with their parents until marriage and are taught from a young age how to keep a house together. That’s why Ecuadorian ladies are often considered as very good women for marriage. They mostly believe in traditional gender roles and treat men with respect.

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Women’s origin in Ecuador can be divided into three large groups:

  •  Mestizo (mixed Spanish and Amerindian);
  • Amerindian (indigenous population);
  • Caucasian;
  • Afro Ecuadorian.

Each group has its specific features in appearance and behavior. For example, white Caucasian women are very popular with the local men. That’s why these ladies often act a bit high and it’s hard to win their attention. As for tribal girls, no matter how much you want to date them, it’s not possible for foreigners. On the subject of other women, mentioned above, you have to look for them in the right place.

Where To Meet Hot Ecuadorian Girls?

If you dream of pretty Ecuadorian mail order brides check dating websites, where single ladies search for soulmates from a foreign country. For example, one such site is LatinAmericanCupid. The first advantage of such web spaces is most girls there have at least basic English skills and you can get acquainted online, sitting in your comfy armchair. The second pro of dating tools is members of these communities often know what exactly they want and look for relationships with gringos. That fact increases the chances of successful flirting and finding love. Give preference to legit dating platforms and make sure you agree with all the terms of use before you sign up.

One more easy way to connect with girls from Ecuador is social media. Use Facebook or Instagram account to search for that special someone. This method is not so robust Ecuadorian wife finder is a dating site because it needs more time and patience to find the right girl by yourself, without special “match tools”. But on the other hand, you have leeway and can communicate for free, without spending a penny on it.

Another tip for meeting pretty Ecuadorian girls is going to such large cities as Guayaquil or Quito.  Girls, who live there are more progressive comparing to provincials. You may meet a pretty single woman in the museum, at the concert or just in the express line at the market. The more places and events you visit, the bigger are your chances of meeting potential bride. One more proper place to make your acquaintance with hot Ecuadorian singles is Montanita. This small coastal town is located in the province of Santa Elena and can be rightly described as a beach paradise. It’s a nice romantic place for spending the first real date, by the way.

Ecuadorian Women For Marriage – Something You Should Know

As a rule, the Ecuadorian bride is attentive, affectionate and caring. The approach to marriage is traditional and is perceived as an anticipated part of life. You can count on support and loyalty, but your partner will expect the same from you. Women from Ecuador like to be treated like ladies. They are feminine and await you will open the door for them, bring flowers, help with carrying a heavy bag, etc.

Ecuadorian wife treats a man like the head of the family. It’s not typical for them to be bossy and control their husbands. If you are looking for Christian girlfriends, Ecuadorian ones probably have the same values. Average Ecuadorian woman values marriage and commits for a life-long union, adores children, does her best to take care of the husband and keeps the house clean and comfortable. It sounds cool, doesn’t it? The trick is when you marry a woman, you marry the whole family. It’s not like that in 100% of cases, but typical Ecuadorian brides expect their husbands to show up for family gatherings and holidays, help relatives, etc. It’s not a negative thing, but it can be a problem if you are not very sociable or also have family members that seek your attention.

Ecuadorian Women

Tips On Dating Ecuadorian Women

If you want to develop further your romance with a beautiful Ecuadorian mail-order bride, organize a date. As mentioned earlier in this article, women in Ecuador are traditional and conservative. That’s why asking your girl out for a date and then inviting you to a hotel room is a bad idea. If you want to spend some one-on-one time together it is more appropriate to rent an apartment and invite your date to your home.  

  • Make a gift. Ecuadorian ladies are feminine and appreciate grand gestures of affection. Bring a girl flowers, a box of chocolates or something unusual. Probably you already know enough about her preferences to pick the right present.
  • Act natural. Don’t pretend a better version of yourself, even if it is very tempting to play a role. Being honest makes your communication easier. Also, it will help to understand, whether you are good for each other or not. If you come abroad to meet Ecuadorian girls for marriage, sound advice does not have expectations, leave emotions at home and keep a level head.
  • It takes time to know a person deeply. Find out what her expectations are, meet the parents of your Ecuadorian bride, and try to know everything there is to know about this woman. Marriage is a challenge even without cultural differences, so be ready to live near your girlfriend for some time before you tie the knot.


Ecuadorian women combine beauty, femininity, and maturity. They are a bit conservative but still many of them want to have more possibilities in life, fall in love with a foreign man, marry him and lead a different life than their mothers and grandmothers had. To meet your love you can travel to Ecuador or just create a profile on appropriate dating sites and start looking for a soulmate. Don’t hesitate, be a bit assertive, make the first move but be a gentleman. Some of the Ecuadorian ladies can seem proud, strong and very serious. But underneath all that bravado there is a gooey center.

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