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Surely, you have often run into European women on various dating sites. Do you know what you didn’t notice? It turns out that among them there were practically no residents of the Netherlands. This was because such communication was not approved and even condemned by the population of this small country. Now the mood has changed a bit, and you can easily find hot Dutch girls on all kinds of Internet dating platforms.

But you can still hear about the difficult character of these people, its independence and even secrecy. What does this mean for western men? They need to be fully armed if they decide to win European beauty. We will devote our material to this matter.

Dutch Women and Their Main Features

Generally, you will not find bright beauties among Dutch women. More precisely, they can be called attractive and charming, but there is nothing memorable or something special in their appearance. They do not differ in appearance’s variety. Often, these are blonde or red-haired women with high cheekbones and light eyes. They can be called slender and graceful. Also, they have many amazing qualities that are ideal for partnerships or family life.

Honesty and Straightness

There are the top main peculiarities. Dutch since have long cultivated a habit of open conversation. Moreover, it does not matter who is in front of you. If, in their opinion, something is wrong with you or your actions, be sure that no one will remain silent. Rather, the opposite. They will directly point out the flaws. Be prepared for direct, maybe very personal questions. The girl is always open with you, so she expects the same from you. She just wants to find out all at once and understand whether you suit her or not. It makes no sense to lie to her, although many men believe that history can be embellished. This can only aggravate the problem and permanently turn the girl away from herself.

Strength and Independence

When you choose such a girl, know that she will never agree to do only chores and take care of the children. She will want to take part in financial supply. No matter how much you earn, your wife will strive to work to contribute her part to the family budget. And you will not be able to lead in this matter. Such is their character. They are well educated and strive for their implementation in a career plan. She is not against doing household chores but she will never give up her career, and there is nothing to be done. If you want to amuse her pride, let her share with you the restaurant bill.


When such a girl finds her husband, she secretly agrees with herself, after which nothing can make her go astray. Since she chose you, then she will be faithful to you without any conditions. She is so educated and does not accept any options. She will do her best to save the marriage.

Knowledge and Planning Ability

Getting an appropriate education in their country, any of the Dutch wives can sparkle with intelligence on occasion. That is why they are so eager to realize all their abilities and skills in their careers. They also love to plan everything. An event, shopping or distribution of cash expenses – these ladies have everything under control and nothing is lost.

Dating Dutch Women – Where and How?

Now let’s talk where it is best to get acquainted with Dutch bides. It is worth considering the nature and characteristics of these girls, as well as a short history of using such resources. Therefore, any service is not suitable for you. We recommend the following.

This site is considered as one of the best and most advanced in the field of online dating. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is popular among Dutch girls. The service offers free registration in a few clicks. You will need only a name, e-mail address, date of birth, and password. After this procedure, a wide selection of girls will be available to you. You can scroll profiles on your own or activate an advanced search. Please note that many services are paid here.

This is another good resource to find love. Dutch ladies are also registered here. The site is simple enough and not overloaded with unnecessary information. After registration, you will be able to send messages and organize video chats, make calls, give real gifts, arrange a meeting, and also get contacts of the girl you are interested in. Of course, all these services are paid.

This site is also becoming loved by Dutch women. Like previous services, it is honest and transparent to users. You always understand what services are available and what their price is. In your account, you can track the movement of credits. Only real photos of girls are published on the site, and their profiles are verified and protected by SSL protocol.

Main Tips to Date Dutch Mail Order Brides

Dating Dutch women is often complicated by their personality traits and habits. To be always on top, we recommend you be always honest, especially with the lady. In any situation, it is better to ask a direct question and get a clear answer to it. It will also be useful to prepare for direct questions from the girl. They can even shock you. The main thing is not to get lost! Behave normally, do not be zealous in appearance, and touch on pressing political issues. And everything will be fine!


A little information and useful tips will help you find your happiness! Use and change your life!

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