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Baltic ladies are the women from the Baltic region, more specifically from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. These girls are real-life northern princesses that look like actual Barbies. However, it is not only their alluring appearance that attracts men worldwide: these women are incredibly hard-working and intelligent. Their time-management skills are something to envy because they know how to combine their successful careers with housekeeping. So they make not only great professionals but also amazing wives and mothers.

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We understand all the controversy surrounding the topic of mail order bride services, so we find it important to clear the air. Because of various misunderstandings in regards to what mail order bride sites actually are a concept, there is a lot of negative publicity these platforms receive. However, this is all inaccurate. In reality, they are actually an effective and efficient way of connecting with Baltic brides, and here is why is that.

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Who are Baltic Mail Order Brides?

Before we go any further, it is important to establish who are those mysterious Baltic mail order brides this article will be talking about. In fact, there is no big mystery! Baltic mail order brides are just single Baltic brides that decide to go away from trying to find a husband in their motherland and go on the online dating sites to register a profile there and find a man for marriage. It is also important to note that although more countries lie within the Baltic shoreline, the countries commonly referred to as the Baltics are Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. On the contrary to a widespread belief that is wrongly disseminated on the Internet, Baltic ladies do not receive any payment for signing up to these platforms nor they are scouted to take up the role of an online mail order bride.

The truth is, they create their profiles voluntarily with the sole purpose of looking for love, the same as foreign men who want to find a bride online do. The only difference is that females go through a more complicated process of identity verification to prevent fraudulent activities from taking place on such sites. Trustworthy sites do their best to contribute to the overall well-being and general safety of the international dating activity, so they understand the importance of getting rid of all the dishonest people trying to scam those looking for love. So, it is fair to conclude that Baltic brides featured on such sites are legit.

Why Mail Order Brides Services?

Another problem to address is the fact that an expression often used in online dating circles is ‘brides for sale’. A logical question that may appear in your head is whether you could really just transfer a particular sum of money to get a Baltic bride. The answer is short and definite: of course, not! On mail order bride sites you pay only for the ability to communicate with ladies i.e., purchase credits that allow you to send messages, use the video chat, etc. The rest is up to you, and no one can guarantee you a particular lady will eventually fall in love with you and get married to you.

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Your chances are still high, though. The reason for this is that online dating sites use advanced search tools that allow you to customize the search and tick off the criteria that are important to you. Moreover, the more information you reveal about yourself in the initial questionnaire most websites ask you to fill out, the higher are the chances of you matching with someone who would share similar traits. Those are, of course, unique from one Baltic woman to another, but there are some features all Baltic brides share.

Which Features are Intrinsic to Single Baltic Ladies?

single baltic lady

Hard-Working and Independent

It is normal for girls from the Baltic states to be involved in their careers as they believe in gender equality and that they are the ones who should support themselves both financially and otherwise. Unlike their other Eastern European counterparts, they are less likely to stay at home and let their husband earn all the money. They are extremely good at rationalizing their time and prioritizing the things they have to do, so they are great at combining their housework with their actual jobs. Therefore, you should expect them to stay at work even after getting married and giving birth.

Not Very Talkative

This is true that for people who they are not familiar with, they could come off as reserved or shy. This is because they do not like to share their true emotions with people that are not close to them. On the other hand, once you get to know your Baltic bride a bit better, you will be amazed at how cheerful and smiley she is. As soon as they learn that they can trust you, they will become the warmest and garrulous person in the world to you. And believe us, they do have a lot of things to say.

Extremely Well-Educated

As mentioned previously, Baltic ladies are incredibly hard-working. This is true for every sphere of their lives, education included. They work a lot towards bettering themselves as professionals and receiving a degree. All Baltic women have completed secondary education and a lot of them have at least one higher education. This is an obvious sign of how well-rounded they are. There will not be a topic your Baltic bride would not be able to talk about, so they are a pleasure to have around and have a meaningful conversation with. You will never be bored with her.

Look Like Barbies

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All single Baltic brides are indeed incredibly good looking! Most of them resemble the classic Barbie image: they are tall, slim, blonde and have blue eyes. Moreover, they care a lot about their appearance, so they invest a lot of time and money into enhancing their natural beauty by attending beauticians regularly.

What else cannot be ignored is the classic elegant style of Baltic ladies. They keep up with all the latest trends and always wear the clothes that make their toned bodies look even better (as if that was possible!)

Where to Look for Baltic Mail Order Brides?

Baltic Mail Order Brides

Baltic ladies are represented well on online dating sites, so it should not be a problem for you to find singles from the Baltic region there. However, it is important to read the reviews and choose the sites you go on responsibly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of websites that do not protect their members from all kinds of fraud as they should have, which can worsen your online dating experience a lot. So, be careful and sign up to trustworthy sites only!

Although, if you feel like starting your search of Baltic beauties immediately, you can trust us and choose one of the following sites to register on:


  • An international online dating platform that features profiles of a lot of sexy single Baltic brides.
  • Registration does not take long.
  • Has elaborate and useful search tools that allow you to maximize the efficiency of the matchmaking process.


  • The site has a very effective moderation team that keeps the fakes away.
  • A lot of Baltic brides to communicate with.
  • Has a transparent payment system.


Single Baltic brides are a great alternative to the rest of Eastern European brides as they seem to be more westernized, which is well-liked among some men. They are hard-working, well-educated and extremely beautiful, what is not to like?

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