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Armenian women are known to be one of the most beautiful ladies on planet Earth, which is confirmed by the popularity of the Kardashian family, members of which has millions of fans all around the globe.

However, it is not only the breathtaking beauty of Armenian brides that makes them so desirable for men to marry: apart from being gorgeous on the outside, they are also amazing inside. They are kind, meek, respectful and responsible. They love to take care of people they love and would do everything for their family members to be happy and content.

Meet Armenian Mail Order Brides

Though money cannot buy happiness and love, money could give you access to online dating platforms where your soulmate can be found. Earlier in the text, we were not entirely sincere with you, saying you cannot buy happiness and love. While your personal finances, indeed, have nothing to do with winning the love of your life, there is a way how a little bit of investment can majorly improve your love life. What we are referring to, is the ever so popular mail order brides services. Due to a significant advancement of the informational technology in recent years, the sphere of dating has gone through some major alterations. Nowadays, every respectful man who values his time knows that the most efficient way to find a bride is to go online.

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There are currently multiple online dating sites that help singles from all over the world to find a couple. However, even though mail order brides services are on the peak of their popularity, a lot of people still get confused by this concept. It is important to notice that although ladies whose profiles are displayed on such sites are commonly called ‘online mail order brides’, this phase should not be taken literally — online dating platforms do not actually sell women (which is highly illegal!). The assumption that the third party guarantees one’s success in starting a happy relationship as a result of paying for the services is false. In fact, gentlemen turning to such platform only pay for the membership and some additional features of their choice. The site only facilitates your communication, and the rest is entirely upon you. Therefore, feelings that are born from such connections are genuine as both parties share the same intentions of starting a family.

Why Armenian Women?

What is also great about online dating platforms is that they allow men from all over the world not to limit themselves to one particular country, but to expand their horizons and to be looking for women to marry from every corner of the world. It is only a matter of how wild your imagination is that determines where you would like your bride to be from. As the saying goes, each to his own. Nevertheless, one of the biggest trends among the online dating community seems to be going East. And while Russian and Ukrainian ladies, who are known to the entire world as the most beautiful girls on the planet, are considered to be the ‘safe’ classic choice, the East hides a lot more gems. One of them is Armenian women.

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Armenia is home to one of the sexiest, most beautiful and well-known to the world family of ladies — the Kardashians. You may either love them or hate them, but you cannot deny they all are gorgeous. Every single woman from the Kardashian clan is unique in her own way but is still undeniably pretty. This is true for pretty much all ladies from this small former Soviet Union country. And a lot of them are users of online mail order brides sites. The reason for online dating platforms being so popular among Armenian single ladies is that unfortunately for them, there is a rather large gap between the number of males and females, with the latter being significantly more. This which makes Armenian brides turn to online dating websites, to a great joy of foreigners there. There are a lot of reasons why Armenian mail order brides are so popular among men, so many that it will be impossible to review all of them. However, we will try to compile the main features that attract men in Armenian women.

Appearance of Armenian Women

Although these words do not require any proof as you will agree on this one the second you see an Armenian girl, there is an actual statistic to back this statement up. In 2015, The Daily Mail conducted a survey, in which they interviewed more than 44 thousand American men, to determine girls of what nationality are the prettiest. The results were clear — the men voted in favor of Armenian ladies, calling them the most charming in the world. It is easy to understand why:

They are Toned and Slim

The most common type of figure among Armenian women is an hourglass, which is believed to be the most desirable.

They are Petite

There are not that many tall girls among Armenian women.

They Have Prominent High Cheekbones and Full Sensitive Lips

While the rest of the world is turning to plastic surgeons for help in order to achieve this look, Armenian girls were granted with this gift by mother nature for free.

They Have Deep Eyes

The most common color is deep brown, which looks amazingly charming in combination with the famous almond eye shape.

They Have Long, Dark Hair

It is also usually wavy and incredibly shiny and thick.

Characteristics of Armenian Women

Amazing Housewives

It is in their nature to be in charge of the household. They do it effortlessly and with pleasure. There is nothing more important for Armenian women than their families and homes. It is common for Armenian girls to have large families situated in big houses, so from their very childhood, they learn how to maintain cleanliness and comfort there.

Furthermore, Armenian brides are incredible cooks. They prefer homemade meals to going out for dinners and takeaways. Traditional Armenian food is super tasty, so you will never be hungry if you decide to marry an Armenian woman.

Gentle and Patient

Traditionally, it is men who have a leading role in the family. So Armenian women will listen to your opinion first. They can sometimes be shy, but best believe, if the situation calls, they will stand up for what they trust in!

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Where to Meet Armenian Mail Order Brides?

There are plenty of Armenian women for marriage on the web, but it is important to use only legit platforms to connect with them. You should remember, your safety is the priority, so you should never trust fishy sites that do not take all the precaution measures in order to protect you from scammers. Unfortunately, fakes are the most common problems for many services which do not pay enough attention to security. Therefore, you have to look for a dating site that ensures all the women you can communicate with on there are real and have the same serious intentions as you do. You can do so yourself by analyzing the reviews online, but you can also go on one of the following sites, which are hundred percent true and effective:


  • Extremely safe, no need to worry about your financial or personal information.
  • A large platform with an extensive pool of real active Armenian girls looking to marry foreign men (96% Girls reply rate; 2893 Girls online).
  • First 20 credits are free.


  • A large international online dating platform with a lot of profiles of Armenian women.
  • A transparent payment that is protected with the 128 bit SSL encryption system.
  • An extensive and effective search tool that allows a couple of people up well based on their preferences and values in life.
  • Has a mobile app.

Tips for Armenian Women Dating

However, before you hop on one of these sites, you need to learn some of the peculiarities of Armenian women dating foreigners for your communication to be successful.

No Sex Before Marriage

You should never consider having a one-night stand with Armenian women. It is simply not a thing in Armenia, and it may be seen as an offensive offer.

A relationship will not progress slow. Armenian brides do not want to come off as easy. So you should not expect any intimacy on the first, nor on the second date. A lot of them are virgins and believe you can only make love to someone you have serious intentions about.

Respect Her Family

Armenian brides dating foreign men have to get their family’s approval. In Armenia, families can traditionally be rather controlling. So it is important to find an approach not only to your Armenian bride but also to her parents.


While dating Armenian women has its challenges and may seem somewhat complicated from the first sight because of the traditions of Armenian culture and the role of the family in the brides’ lives, but it is so worth it! Armenian ladies are considered to be the most beautiful women in the world. But not only they are incredibly appealing visually, but they are also very kind, responsible and respectful. If that sounds like a perfect woman for you to marry, you should definitely go on an online dating site and connect with one of the many Armenian women there. Who knows, maybe she will be the one for you!

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